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About Me and Elizabeth's Closet

My name is Rebecca and I'm a stay at home mom to two great kids! I started sewing unique dresses for my little girl, Elizabeth, when I couldn't find the prints that I wanted in regular retail stores. We love princesses and unicorns, but we also love dinosaurs and robots! So I found a website that custom prints fabrics and started making my own and I've worked with some amazing graphic designers to make these prints! Most importantly, these dresses are something little ones can be comfortable in while running around, climbing, twirling, and exploring the world around them! So check out Elizabeth's Closet as your one stop twirl dress shop!

Photo Credits

Black Christmas Floral Twirl Dress photos courtesy of Juliane Berry Photography (@julianeberry on Instagram)

Rainbow Twirl Dress and Ballerina Twirl Dress photo courtesy of Cinthia Crook of Life with the Crooks (@lifewiththecrooks on Instagram)

Red and White Polka Dot Twirl Dress Photo Courtesy of LaChandra Jackson (@achance2cherish on Instagram)

Pink Heart Twirl Dress, Multicolor Heart Suspender Skirt, and Magenta Pink Pinafore photos courtesy of Tiffany Crenshaw of Animal House Photography (@animalhousephotography on Instagram)

Pink Dinosaur Twirl Dress Photo courtesy of Nicole Marie (@karrington_and_mephis on Instagram)

Ivory Pinafore Dress photo courtesy of Alex Gray (@lifewithmygrace on Instagram)

Mint Green Pinafore photo courtesy of Sarah Adams (@sadams847 on Instagram)

Colorful Fall Twirl Dress photos courtesy of Kelly at That Kindred Life  (@thatkindredlife on Instagram)

Red Heart Twirl Dress Photo Courtesy of Katlin Shuherk Photography (@katlinshuherkphoto on Instagram)

Multicolor Heart Twirl Dress Photo Courtesy of Nicole Gaines (@ourlifewitha on Instagram)

Green Spring Suspender Skirt Photo Courtesy of Jazmyne Tripplett (@liviandthejett on Instagram)

Mermaid and Ocean Life Dresses Photo Courtesy of Courtney Garcia (@kylie_mia_payton on Instagram)

Cross Back Bubble Romper Photo Courtesy of Carling Zhou (